Back to the Garden, 778-231-9313
Back to the Garden, 778-231-9313
Back to the Garden, 778-231-9313


Back to the Garden provides an extensive range of indoor and outdoor gardening services that transition ideas from mere concept to fabulous completion. We skillfully transform lifeless and uninspired spaces including interiors, solarium’s, rooftops, balconies, decks, courtyards, patios, storefronts and gardens of various sizes into innovative living spaces that delight the senses throughout the seasons.

Regardless of the scope of your gardening or landscaping project, you can be assured that Back To The Garden’s team of landscape professionals will provide exceptional customer service, quality workmanship and meticulous attention to each and every detail.



We begin with a site visit to thoroughly assess your property and discuss the scope of your project. This is where we explore your needs and desires, identify potential challenges, and evaluate the unrealized potential of the area. Once we have gathered the necessary information, we will present a range of possibilities to transform your existing space into one that is practical, within budget and exceeding your expectations.

This is also an ideal service for seasoned gardeners or aspiring green thumbs who prefer to tend to their own gardens and simply require appropriate guidance or selective assistance in specific areas of concern.


After our initial consultation, we collaboratively develop a garden plan that works for you. For complex projects, this generally encompasses a series of meetings in which we gather all the information needed to create a comprehensive set of drawings. These may include one or more preliminary or conceptual designs, a detailed master plan, a planting plan, and any other additional detailed drawings required.

In considerably simpler projects however, conceptual drawings alone, to articulate the final result, may suffice.


Once you are satisfied with every aspect of the final design, we prepare an estimate for the completed garden installation. Our team of landscape specialists then gets to work, bringing your dreams and our plans to reality.

Whether your project is completed all at once or finished in stages over time, you can expect outstanding service and the highest caliber of workmanship.


Back to the Garden also specializes in the full or partial restoration of overgrown and time-worn gardens. This generally encompasses judicious pruning of viable existing plants, selectively removing those past their prime and assessing and enriching the soil, as required, to ensure a healthy foundation for your garden.

We then often introduce carefully selected new plants to enhance the old and reignite a garden with a whole new lease on life.


Back to the Garden’s full range of services encompasses timely seasonal maintenance and estate management for new installations, restorations and established landscapes. Regular maintenance is a critical component to ensure that your garden, whether it be it an intimate collection of container gardens or a large in ground landscape, thrives and achieves its full potential over time.

We do it all and we do it well, offering comprehensive garden cleanups, knowledgeable pruning, environmentally sensitive pest control, application of soil amendments, appropriate to the season, your aesthetic and, of course, your budget.


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